how to handle time synch in kvm guest

Dave Thacker dthacker9 at
Tue Sep 9 01:56:24 UTC 2008

On Sunday 07 September 2008 19:22:50 James Dinkel wrote:
> I have a kvm virtual machine server set up hosting some guest virtual
> machines for testing and development and it is working great.  However the
> system clock in the guest virtual machines are losing a couple seconds
> every day.  Ideally, I would like to use ntp to synch with the guest's
> "hardware" clock which I would imagine would actually be the host's system
> clock which is already being kept synchronized with ntp.  At the very
> least, I could set a cron job to run "hwclock --hctosys" but that seems a
> little hackish.  Does anybody know if it is even possible to tell ntp to
> synch with the hardware clock?  Or what is the recommended way to keep
> guest virtual machines time in sync?

I may be missing something, but couldn't the guests be pointed at the same 
server that the host is syncing with?  

Dave Thacker

> James

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