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On 24/10/08 22:53, paul smith wrote:
>     Hello, I wasn't entirely sure in what manor this mail should be written, so ive decided to gowith a relaxed social demeanor.      I am currently operating on Ubuntu 9.05 (gutsy heron) with the goal of creating a 'tftp pxe'LAN server, essentially, a network service that will allow me to install a range of 'images' from a network source to both individual and batches of machines (i currently work within an IT asset management company so we deal with ALOT of differing machine types) and ultimately be able to load diagnostic and data removal software through a unified network.    at present we have the facility to 'wipe' 128 pc's and 280 laptops simultaniously, there is also a smaller network capable of imaging 24 laptops at any one time (the imaging network is a new addition to the rig which is why its capacity is so much smaller) though due to the present network configuration (and because my roll within the company is rather small and our network is administered by a 3rd party) the 2 are kept seperate to prevent any dhcp clashes...    so, essentially what im looking for is to learn how to create a linux operated network enviroment that lets me load an array of programmes/OS's to a variety of machines within the network, but at the same time i dont want the machines in the offices to be able to load any of the software, nor any of the machines that are to be wiped/imaged to have internet access.      previous to my job here i was a sort of assistant administrator with a small company of 40 pc's spread across 3 buildings with a win2k server which i pretty much had all to myself, though i had no hand in setting up the network or the server, just the administration of it. as such i have an understanding of the technologies envolved but not much practical experience with the software, and aboslutelty no experience with ubuntu in a network enviroment    hope i havn't bored you too much,thankyou for reading this and i hope to hear from you soon, Paul Smith
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I am sorry to tell you that I didn't understand what you actually required.

First things first. Version 9.05 of Ubuntu doesn't exist - May 2009
hasn't happened yet. Gutsy Heron also doesn't exist, it's either, Gutsy
Gibbon (7.10), or Hardy Heron (8.04).

You write what you have created, a "'tftp pxe'LAN server", but I don't
actually know what you are having a problem with.

So, may I suggest that you provide us with some specific bullet point
questions and we can see if we're able to help.


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