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Jim Tarvid tarvid at ls.net
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Many server management tools use a client server model (ntop, ebox, puppet).
Those who choose to run the client on the server can do so which I do on my
workstation to sandbox work in progress.

That practice is not without its disadvantages.

1) firefox and xorg can consume a large proportions of my computer's
2) I have a large number of open ports and sockets (>600), fortunately they
are behind a firewall and I know my neighbors
3) some of my sandbox applications generate outgoing traffic

Some of tools need a tool to configure the tool, e.g. puppet

Clearly I need to get my act together but some polish on the existing client
server tools would help.

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On Jun 29, 2008, at 3:51 AM, Neil Wilson wrote:


> The best way to do server admin via GUI is to use a management station
> that has the GUI on it and then issues commands to the server via some
> interface - libvirt style, HTTP REST style, or just good old ssh.
> That way there is no guff on your server getting in the way of its
> primary function - in complete contrast to Windows servers.

Actually, Windows Server 2008 now has a "flavor" of server called
"core" that strips off the local GUI and has an expanded suite of
local command line commands available. In addition, it can be remotely
managed by a "traditional" WIndows Server 2008 machine management
console for admins that prefer GUI admin tools.

The Windows Server 2008 "Core" installations offer limited
functionality (mainly network functions, file server, domain
controllers, etc.) and seem to be intended for remote deployment, to
reduce server surface area (security), and increase performance of

More information can be found here:

Ken Hansen

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