Moving w3m out of standard

Matt Zimmerman mdz at
Thu Jun 26 08:57:08 UTC 2008

On Wed, Jun 25, 2008 at 07:55:28AM -0400, Rich Kulawiec wrote:
> As an die-hard old-school (err, make that, "ancient school") 'nix admin
> I applaud the idea of trying to keep installs minimal, both for space
> and security reasons.
> On the other hand, I recognize the value of having some basic utilities
> handy to administer services, test them, debug them, and fix them.
> Like many other people, I've got a favorite set that I often find
> useful.  I try to keep that set restricted to those that I can run
> on a low-bandwidth ssh connection, because that's often exactly
> what I have to do, and I try to avoid overlapping tools (although
> arguably two of my choices, curl and wget, at least partially do so).
> My suggestion is that discussion take place over (a) whether it makes
> sense or not to bundle a collection of such tools for easy installation,
> and (b) what tools might be good candidates for inclusion.  Here are
> the ones that I've used across a variety of 'nix systems; I don't
> claim that this list is the best or most inclusive or anything, it
> just happens to be the toolset that I've found lets me deal with
> most of the things I've had to deal with.
> 	curl

We ship wget in standard, which is close enough in functionality that I
don't think two tools make sense.

> 	dig (part of the BIND distribution)

We ship both dig (dnsutils) and host (bind9-host) in standard.

> 	lslk

This sounds potentially useful, but is in universe and abandoned upstream.
Doesn't lsof provide this functionality?

> 	lsof
> 	mutt

Both in standard.

> 	nmap

This is in main, but we don't install it by default.  A scanner probably
doesn't belong in every installation.

> 	patch

This doesn't seem to be in standard, though I'm somewhat surprised that
nothing in there pulls it in through a dependency.

I think it's a good candidate for the server seed.

> 	rsync


> 	screen

This is in desktop, not standard.  A good candidate for the server seed.

> 	surfraw (I *said* I was ancient-school)

No comment. :-)

> 	tcpdump
> 	top

Both standard.

> 	traceroute

We ship tracepath by default, which isn't setuid.  traceroute is in main,
though, since so many folks are more familiar with it.

> 	w3m

Currently in standard, and the subject of this thread.

> 	wget


 - mdz

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