Nicolas Valcarcel nvalcarcel at
Tue Jun 24 06:10:00 UTC 2008

	I have uploaded augeas to revu [1] and mentors [2] almost a week ago
and i haven't received much feedback from it, just a comment of a quick
look which is on revu and some work around on Saturday from soren, who
make me fix a lot of mistakes and give me some ideas/suggestions. If
someone has some time to take a look at it i will be very grateful,
since i will wait until it's on the archive to make a call for lensers
(people to write lenses for services), i'm already writing some, but
they still need some testing. So if you can please take a look and send
me some feedback (or ACK it on revu :D)


aka nxvl
Peruvian LoCo Team
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