Moving w3m out of standard

James Dinkel jdinkel at
Tue Jun 17 16:59:46 UTC 2008

> I also like having a text-based web browser on a server, as others
> have said, for reading documentation (especially when the server is
> offline and you're trying to get it back online....) and for local web
> admin tasks.
> Space constraints don't seem that big an issue on the server CD.
> And I'd like to consider continuing having it on the server default
> install.
> I think the issues are more around security and support and choice.
> w3m is the default now, should that change?  Are there significant
> security risks to text browsing?  Should elinks take is place (noting
> that comment about accessibility recommendations?)  But elinks has
> more dependencies, right?  Detailing the fully-installed footprint
> delta for each choice would help, and knowing security exposures and
> considering features etc.
> Neal McBurnett       

I would rather remove it and then give a description of the popular 3
in the documentation.  I suggested in IRC, that the server install
does a very stripped down install by default (akin to JEOS) and then
give the option to add a set of "useful administrative tools".

After I think about it though, all my servers are in virtual machines
anyway, so I'll just use Ubuntu JEOS.

James (Brazen)

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