Bug 0 review pls

James Dinkel jdinkel at gmail.com
Fri Jun 6 15:12:58 UTC 2008

(sorry mdy, I did not mean to send that last email directly to you, oops)

I believe we can learn a lot from Microsoft here with their motto of
"embrace, extend and extinguish".

In regards to the Outlook/Exchange issue, I think this means: First,
we have to come up with a server that can be a drop-in replacement to
Exchange with full mapi support.  Users should not be able to tell any
difference, and all features though Outlook should work with this
replacement (Openchange) as well as Exchange.  BUT, this is only a
means-to-the-end, and not the end itself.  Once Exchange is usurped,
the server can be extended with open protocols that will work equally
well with other groupware clients such as Thunderbird-w/Lightning or

So, while I personally would prefer to use an open standards
alternative to MAPI, I think the only way to get to that point is by
first mimicking MAPI and then extending it with an alternative open

Also, while I'm on groupware (though I think we could employ "embrace,
extend and extinguish" to much more than just groupware... server and
workstation management and administration for example), I think
Zimbra's usuability is pretty awesome and I personally prefer their
cached desktop "web" client (mainly for the "one interface to rule
them all" factor, which keeps uses from getting confused).  There logo
thing doesn't even really bother me either.  HOWEVER, I really hate
the fact it installs it's own version of Apache, Postfix, etc.  I
would much prefer being able to install Apache, Postfix, etc from the
repo and then install Zimbra on top of that standard stack.  This is
why I like eGroupware better, but it is ugly and bloated, so I'm
really looking forward to Tine2.0.


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