Bug 0 review pls

Mark Schouten mark at prevented.net
Tue Jun 3 17:03:45 UTC 2008

On Tue, 2008-06-03 at 12:19 -0400, Scott Kitterman wrote:
> > You should not focus on how to copy M$. You should focus on making the
> > opensource stuff work. (Start with a working calendar-solution, which
> > still isn't there, afaik). Try to get Evolution below 150MB memory when
> > using a calendar.. ;)
> >
> > People aren't tied to Outlook. They're tied to their schedule within
> > Outlook, to their addressbook which is shared with others.
> >
> > Please do not try to copy M$, including their non-standard solutions. Go
> > for the slower but safer approach..
> >
> But what this misses is that people aren't tied to Outlook, they are tied to 
> Outlook/Exchange.  Trying to replace Outlook OR Exchange first is much easier 
> than trying to convince someone to replace the whole thing in one go.  


> Any transition strategy that starts out, turn off all your Exchange servers 
> and your Windows desktops with Outlook and turn on new Linux servers and 
> desktops is an obsolute non-starter.  In areas where Microsoft is dominant 
> (and this is one) we need a co-existance/interoperability strategy to get 
> started so that later we can eat their lunch.

I think the power of linux is the openess and the use of open standards.
Trying to conform to non-standard solutions like the solutions from
Microsoft instead of building a platform based on open standards will
not be a solution. More and more governments request stuff to be built
on open standards. Were will we be when we've built 'Exchange for Linux'
based on the Microsoft standards, instead of the open ones.

Try to make a full Linux environment work first, or where else would you
want people to migrate to. :)

(There is no solution like Exchange in Ubuntu, even if you use Linux


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