Bug 0 review pls

Mark Schouten mark at prevented.net
Tue Jun 3 16:00:49 UTC 2008

On Tue, 2008-06-03 at 07:37 -0500, Luke wrote:
> (I hope this works, this is my first reply in a mailing list (Gmail).
> While Linux might be picked up by new businesses, existing large
> businesses will never migrate off MS unless we emulate (so to speak)
> MS. This very well might be a futile effort. While I believe Linux
> (Ubuntu especially) should continue to push into better server
> management and technologies SIMILAR to MS, I think we should be
> careful about focusing too much on MS-swappable technologies.
> Does that make sense? If we try to implement software in the same way
> as MS, then we'll just be a Windows clone. We need to focus not on
> penetrating existing large marketsby cloning Windoze, but by making
> our product more competitive and functional (via easier administration
> like web interface, for just one example) and by promoting the
> benefits of open software and standards. Make MICROSOFT think "Man, we
> need to write some linux-compatible software" like they're going to do
> with ODF.

I totally agree with this. 

You should not focus on how to copy M$. You should focus on making the
opensource stuff work. (Start with a working calendar-solution, which
still isn't there, afaik). Try to get Evolution below 150MB memory when
using a calendar.. ;)

People aren't tied to Outlook. They're tied to their schedule within
Outlook, to their addressbook which is shared with others.

Please do not try to copy M$, including their non-standard solutions. Go
for the slower but safer approach..


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