Martin Hess martinhess at mac.com
Sun Jun 1 18:37:35 UTC 2008

Given that KVM is the preferred virtualization solution and that we  
have Virtual Machine Manager to manage a single instance, is there an  
chance we will be seeing oVirt anytime soon?


 From their home page:

"From running a few virtual machines on a single host to managing  
thousands of VMs over hundreds of hosts on a network, oVirt is built  
to make virtualization easy and expand to meet your needs."

I need a way to manage many machines Amazon EC2 style and this looks  
like a great tool. Currently I'm writing lots of code to do the job  
but I would love to dump it in exchange for something like this.

While I'm wishing for the moon I may as well as ask for Cobbler:


It basically make PXE boot setup painless for virtualized installs of  
KVM etc.

Both of these projects are part(?) sponsored by RedHat as an "Emerging  
Technology Project", whatever that means. There brethren are:

Augeas - A configuration editing tool and API
libvirt - The open source virtualization API
Cobbler - OS provisioning and profile management
oVirt - Virtualization management across the data center
FreeIPA - Identity, policy and audit management
Virtual Machine Manager - Virtualization management from the
Func - A secure, scriptable remote control framework & API

I believe these all part of RedHat's Linux Automation for IT https://www.redhat.com/f/pdf/LinuxAutomation_whitepaper.pdf

Is someone porting these at this time? Is this on Canonical's roadmap?  
Should these be on Canonical's roadmap?
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