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Soren Hansen soren at
Tue Jul 1 20:37:22 UTC 2008

On Tue, Jul 01, 2008 at 12:40:27PM -0500, James Dinkel wrote:
>> Your reply was something like "I'm not very determined", which
>> doesn't answer my question at all. You want us to remove groff from
>> the standard install, even though you're going to install it
>> yourself.  That sure sounds to me like you find groff (probably
>> actually man-db) to be useful (otherwise, why would you be installing
>> it), but you want to not have it installed by default, thus making
>> the default install less useful.
> It's not that I prefer man-db to be removed by default, because yes I
> do use it.  That doesn't mean everyone uses it though.

I just still fail to see why not using man-db is a more valid use case
than using it.

> because while I think w3m is a complete waste of space, I'm fine with
> just letting it go and moving on to more important issues.

I also still fail to see why w3m is any different than groff+man. 

>>> There seems to be a lot of praise for the "bare install" option in
>>> the installer, and no one has said anything against it.
>> Well, you seem to think that it's not bare enough?
> I think that Ubuntu JEOS is bare enough.

You see, JeOS is an acronym for "Just enough OS". "Just enough OS" in
itself doesn't mean anything, so to make it make any sense at all in my
head, I think I've always understood it as: "Just enough OS to not be
completely useless". 

If "don't be completely useless" is truly all we're aiming for, our
ultimate goal, I'm in the wrong job. Seriously. This might sound
pretentious, but I have higher ambitions than that.

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