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On Mon, Jun 30, 2008 at 2:31 PM, Oliver Brakmann <obrakmann at gmx.net> wrote:

> On Fri, 2008-06-27 15:08, JAWUD wrote...
> > There are several options for a GUI.
> > [...]
> > The last option is to make a remote GUI system.
> I like that.
> > All the interfaces are just different front ends. So I think ubuntu needs
> a
> > configuration abstraction layer. Something like Augeas. Augeas can become
> the
> > back end and then it's easier to build different GUIs. Augeas intend to
> cover
> > all commonly used configuration files and it is still possible to edit
> the
> > config files manual.
> I'm a bit concerned that there is only talk about editing configuration
> files in all these discussions.  There's more to system administration
> than that.
> I'm also surprised that noone has mentioned 'func' yet, even though it
> was prominently featured on LWN's front page an issue or two ago:
> <http://lwn.net/Articles/286496/>. I believe it could be a good
> supplement to augeas.
> Oliver
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I agree, server administration is not just getting a configuration file in
place.  System administration is also about deploying software and updates
in a repeatable fashion over and over again.  Alos it is about determinng
the current status of my hardware and more importantly being able to report
on it.

Not being a full time server administration, but someone who works in the
system management space doing the above is a large hole that Ubuntu has, not
only on the server side, but also on the client side.  How can I prove all
of my servers have the latest software patch deployed on all 250 of my
servers.  Or when budget time, how many of these machines do I need to
upgrade any machines hardware to meet hte coming projects?

A combination of editing configuration files, deploying software and updates
and reporting that what I wanted to do in a very repeatable maner is done.

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