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Thu Feb 21 22:55:57 UTC 2008

On 18/02/08 21:58, Michael Behrens wrote:
> Hi Team,
> I have been giving thought to poll questions which could generate
> useful data for us as a team.  I have listed what I have
> throught out so far.  I would appreciate the groups input, both on
> format and as well on the questions themselves.  In addition,
> if you think there should be more questions, I would certainly
> appreciate hearing from you.
> The information we get from the poll should help us identify much more
> readily areas in the community where we can
> focus out attentions as well as giving us information about
> operational use of the Server Edition.
> Michael
> / faulkes-
In following the discussion and the ongoing suggestions to add more
questions, I'm beginning to wonder if there might be another way to
approach this.

What if we were to release a poll every month or so, that is, get people
in the habit of answering no more than say seven questions and reporting
back two weeks later with the results?

Rinse and repeat with different questions.

Ultimately I think we're trying to build a picture of our audience that
helps the evolution of Ubuntu-server. Making a poll every month would in
total allow us to generate 42 different questions between releases. We
could start off with getting an idea of what needs the most attention,
then evolving questions to address the needs. We can even use the poll
to ask what question to ask next month.

The image I have is that we are building a customer base that is engaged
in the process of evolving the product they use, that is, making it
better for what they need.

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