Server Team 2008-02-20 meeting minutes

Mathias Gug mathiaz at
Thu Feb 21 17:35:57 UTC 2008


Here are the minutes of the meeting. They can also be found online, with
the irc logs, here:

== Reporting / role of the irc meeting ==

mathiaz noticed that the weekly irc meetings were lasting more than one hour in
the last few weeks. Status reporting was identified as being the most time
consuming part of the meetings. mathiaz added that the reason he was asking for
these reports was to prepare the monthly team report and keep track of new
features implemented by the ServerTeam.

A new proposal for status reporting has been put forward: the Agenda wiki page
will be modified to include sections for each task on the Roadmap. Each section
should be filled by the assignee before the meeting. The Agenda will be mailed
as part of the meeting announcement.

ACTION: mathiaz to coordinate status reporting via a wiki page.

== Mentoring program ==

mathiaz refined his idea about the mentoring program. He'd like to have a
lightweight program that would just help users to do their first contribution
to Ubuntu - more a guidance than a mentoring program. He asked how this program
could be named.

ACTION: mathiaz to send a proposal to ubuntu-server about the mentoring

== Bacula status ==

ivoks removed a lot of the universe dependencies from the bacula package. The
remaining one is sqlite/sqlite3, which should be moved to main soon. mathiaz
suggested to ask the MOTU release team for a FF exception or at least review
the changes made in order to make sure that the bacula upload to universe isn't
against FF.

ACTION: ivoks will get in touch with the MOTU release team to get an FF
exception before uploading bacula to universe.

== Server Survey ==

nijaba and faulkes- have been working on defining a survey for Ubuntu Server
users. nijaba explained that he has a test setup of LimeSurvey [1]. He is
looking for testers. Anyone interested in helping out can contact him by email

He is also in discussion with newz2000 to find where and how the survey web
application can be deployed in production.

[2]: nick.barcet at

== Forums activity ==

faulkes- added a sticky post [3] to the Server forum.


== Ubuntu Server Guide on default install ==

nijaba and sommer raised the question of installing the server guide by default
on a server install. The main issue is that there isn't a seed specific to
ubuntu-server. Thus installing the server guide would require the creation of
new seed, which is technically feasible but needs to be thought through.

== Ebox status ==

zul said that ebox is in a much better packaging state and is getting closer to
being uploaded to universe.

== Ubuntu Developer Week ==

mathiaz reminded that this week is the Ubuntu Developer Week [3]. soren gave a
great overview of virtualization in hardy. There are more sessions scheduled
until friday.


=== Agree on next meeting date and time ===

Next meeting will be on Wednesday, February 27th at 21:00 UTC in

Mathias Gug
Ubuntu Developer

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