[PATCH] new features for libpam-ldap

Timo Aaltonen tjaalton at cc.hut.fi
Fri Feb 1 10:16:34 UTC 2008


   We have been using a patch for libpam-ldap for a couple of years (4+) 
now, and it's about time to ask for merging it in Ubuntu and/or Debian 
(but starting here :). Here's a description by the author (ie. not me):

- Two new configuration options:
   - pam_require_fqdn, allow matching host to either fully qualified
     domain name or short hostname.
   - pam_require_host_group, match against freely specified hostgroup
     to gain access. Looked up from host attribute.
   - Can work either way at the same time

- Introduces directly LDAP speaking variants of two internal
   functions, _has_deny_value / _has_value. authorizedService
   and host attributes are compared on the server side, thus
   allowing to set somewhat more strict ACL's to those attributes
   if wanted, and possibly saving some network bandwidth..
- Disable some old code replaced by use of _ldap_cmp_has_deny_value
   and _ldap_cmp_has_value.

It was sent upstream but got no feedback (link to the patch is broken 


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