Server Team 2008-01-30 meeting minutes

Mathias Gug mathiaz at
Fri Feb 1 02:56:26 UTC 2008


Here are the minutes of the meeting. They can also be found online, with
the irc logs, here:

== Start a Mentoring program ==

mathiaz proposed the idea of starting a mentoring program for the Server team,
inspired by the MOTU and the Documentation Team mentoring programs. keescook
asked if it would be joined with the MOTU mentoring program. mathiaz said it
wouldn't, explaining that potential mentees could get involved in
documentation, bug triaging, and not just packaging.

ScottK2 stated that the MOTU mentoring program wasn't such a great success in
his opinion. He added that starting yet-another mentoring process divides the
communities, with mentees not being integrated in the teams directly (separate
mailing lists and IRC channels). He highlighted the need to use existing
communication channels to integrate new contributors rather than opening new

soren suggested to use the MOTU mentoring program and add a server flavor to
it.  He also clarified that the MOTU mentoring program is not only about
packaging, but has a broader scope.

faulks and nxvl added that having a mentor would help them getting involved in
the server team.

ACTION: mathiaz to send an email about the mentoring program proposal to
ubuntu-server and talk with daniel holbach about using the MOTU mentoring

== Review ACTION points from previous meeting ==

soren is writing his interview for UWN about the state of virtualization in

== Review each section of the ServerTeam/Roadmap ==

=== Bug triaging ===

zul triaged a lot of bugs related to the server team. Most of the samba bugs
have been looked at now.

dendrobates stated that focusing on openldap would help as openldap 2.4 has
been uploaded to hardy and bugs are pouring in since then.

ACTION: mathiaz to update the bug triager section of the roadmap to highlight

=== SNI support in apache2 ===

mathiaz looked into adding SNI support to apache2. It requires a rebuild of
openssl in order to enable TLS extension in it. That means an ABI bump. He is
not sure if this should be done at this stage of the release cycle. He has also
uploaded openssl and apache2 packages that should work in his ppa [1]. He is
now working on defining a test plan.


ACTION: mathiaz to talk with slangasek about an ABI bump in openssl for hardy.

=== Documentation ===

sommer stated that the Server Guide is going well. Last week has seen the
update of the security section done by a new contributor. The guide is
maintained in bzr [2].

sommer is still working on the kvm virtualization section.


=== KVM Virtualization in Hardy ===

soren said that version 60 of KVM had been integrated in the kernel and the
user space had been updated accordingly. He also added the new virtio stuff
that massively improves I/O on the guest. However special arguments need to be
passed to KVM to enable it. He is working on getting that into libvirt.

The current version should fix gfxboot screen on Hardy Isos. Using KVM to test
Hardy Live-CD is still a bit rough for now, but soren is working on fixing KVM
and X to improve the situation.

=== Windows authentication integration ===

dendrobates said that 4.0.4 should be uploaded in universe by tomorrow. This
new version includes a new gtk based GUI to join an AD domain. There is also a

mathiaz suggested to add a note to the Release Notes for Alpha 4 [3].


ACTION: dendrobates will add a section to the Alpha 4 Release Notes about
windows integration.

=== UFirewall ===

jdstrand reported that he added a section in the Release Notes for Alpha 4
about Uncomplicated Firewall. He's also received some feedback from nxvl and
sommer that tested it. jdstrand put up some directives about testing it on the
wiki page [4].


=== AppArmor profiling ===

mathiaz asked keescook whether AppArmor discussion should be handled during the
SecurityTeam meeting [5]. kesscook said he'd rather discuss profiling work in
the server team and infrastructure work in the Securiy meeting.

mathiaz added that pitti asked if a profile for the ISC dhcp client was still
worked on. He'd like to replace the de-rooting patch with an apparmor profile.

jdstrand said he was working on profiles for mysqld, named and slapd. Help in
testing them once they're ready is welcome.


=== MIR process for server related packages ===

zul almost finished all of the MIR writing [6]. He also added that he agrees
with the rejection of bacula and that drbd is now included in


ACTION: zul will send an email to ubuntu-server about bacula in main.

=== Iscsi support in Hardy ===

zul fixed iscsitarget and plans to get it included in linux-ubuntu-modules.

=== Xen support ===

zul uploaded the final xen patch for 2.6.24 and xen-3.2 final should hit the archive real soon now.

mathiaz asked if xen would work with libvirt. dendrobates said it should, but
this needs to be tested.

ACTION: dendrobates to test xen support in libvirt.

=== libdb transition ===

ScottK2 raised the issue of libdb transition. Most of the packages have been
transitioned. He has a list of packages that still require libdb4.2.

ACTION: ScottK2 to add a point in the Roadmap section about libdb4.2

== Agree on next meeting date and time ==

Next meeting will be on Wednesday, February 6th at 21:00 UTC in


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