What is the makeup of the server team?

Nick Barcet nick.barcet at canonical.com
Wed Aug 27 21:35:24 UTC 2008

Miano, Steven M. wrote:
> Sorry for top posting but I would agree with Dan, I’m a simple user of
> Ubuntu Server that is interested in the direction that it will be taking.

This list/team obviously mixes "developpers", "users" and "admins" and
as noted, conveys both a role of "user's forum" and "developper mailing
list".  The team being quite new, it is quite usual to only have one
list that mixes the two as long as the traffic remains reasonable, and
eventually split it later on, when it starts to make sense to do so.

> I’m not nearly a developer, and have very intermediate skills I would
> say. 

There are many ways in which one can contribute, and coding is certainly
only one of them.  Some members of the team spend time helping other on
the forums, irc, here, and this is crucial.  Some other write
documentation, wiki pages, white papers or just notes, this is also very
usefull.  Others contribute just by providing feedback, user experience
(good or bad), describing a particular use case which might need a bit
more love, reporting bugs or suggesting enhancement, this is
fundamental.  Also beta testers, by verifying that what we have
implemented does indeed solve their need, play an important role in
insuring that we release a good product. I am sure this list is not
quite exhaustive, but in any case, feel free to jump in, and contribute
whatever you can, whether it is a minute or a year, it still counts!

> I think that Michaels question was more towards the
> Ubuntu/Canonnical side of things though, and not so much as to who is on
> the Ubuntu Server Mailing List.

On the Canonical side of things, I, as the product manager for Ubuntu
Server Edition, am always available and really welcome having exchanges
with any user of Ubuntu Server Edition.  If you have confidential
subjects you'd like to talk about, or are just not sure whether your
subject is worth sending to the whole, feel free to bug me, it's my job
to be bugged ;)  I am known as nijaba on irc (join #ubuntu-server on
freenode) and generally answer promptly to emails.


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