What is the makeup of the server team?

Ante Karamatic ivoks at grad.hr
Thu Aug 28 06:43:15 UTC 2008

On Wed, 27 Aug 2008 09:58:50 -0500
Michael Hipp <Michael at Hipp.com> wrote:

> What's the makeup of the Ubuntu server team? More specifically, does
> it include influential representation from people (sorta like me) who
> are attempting to scrape out a living deploying Ubuntu on
> bottom-of-the-barrel lowest low-end hardware, installing those
> machines in deplorable conditions, and with nothing remotely
> resembling an I/T infrastructure (facilities or people) to support
> the server?

I do Ubuntu Server deployment for living. My company employs two system
administrators that do nothing except administrating over 100 ubuntu
servers. It's a young company, but as Ubuntu server, it also has rapid

None of the people working in this company is developer, but I tend to
help Ubuntu Server development with problems I notice in production.
There are also some stuff which are of big interest to me (or my
company) and I tend to devote my time to push my interest into Ubuntu
Server, so that I can have even easier life. I I can't have anything
but good words for Ubuntu Server developers (including both community
and Canonical side).

Does that help? :)

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