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On Fri, Aug 22, 2008 at 8:39 AM, Amarendra Kumar <er.amar at> wrote:

> I am setting up a wireless LAN in my class LAB. around 10-15 comps. We
> have got one HP workstation and an IBM Blade server too. However we
> shall install Linux server(I have an Ubuntu Hardy Server CD) on the HP
> workstation and then network all the systems wireless. We also plan to
> enable Internet access and data access from all other computers (and
> even from laptops brought students) by using an USER-ID and password
> assigned to them.
> Any system can access any system's data in the WLAN on the basis of USER
> permissions including workstation. Shall we have to make more servers or
> all the systems will also have to act as servers for this purpose?
> Remember the other systems may have other OSs as well like XP,Vista and
> different Linux distros.
> Please reply if you can find time, or suggest some useful links(near the
> point).
> Please at least tell us the task list so that we will search how to do
> it from Internet.
> i will explain again
> i want a GUI for this server. I am a linux newbie. So, I need it. I
> installed it and after tht I was clueless what to do. I have to install
> Ubuntu Server on a HP workstation in my college's IT Lab and then network
> the lab which is already wi-fi. All the systems have wireless cards. first
> we will try with 2-3 systems only and that HP workstation.
> shall i need to put the Gnome or whatever from another source or that is
> already in the CD and hence is on the Hard disk ..if yes then how?
> How shall i know that the wi-fi internet available in the lab is being
> accessed by the worksstation after that server install?
> in such matters a gui will help
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