ufw package integration

James Dinkel jdinkel at gmail.com
Wed Aug 20 17:15:28 UTC 2008

On Tue, Aug 19, 2008 at 4:05 PM, Jamie Strandboge <jamie at canonical.com>wrote:

> With the upload of ufw 0.20 to Intrepid yesterday, ufw now supports
> application (package) integration. This allows packages to declare their

> Jamie
This sounds like a good idea.  I can tell you it took me a while to figure
out what ports Samba needed.  I had googled for it, and apparently found
innaccurate or old information (this was before I knew about netstat).
Anyway, this should make it much simpler.

I do have one suggestion though.  I am the type of sysadmin who likes to
know exactly what is going on with his system (which is probably why I
generally like text editing config files over gui interfaces), so it would
be nice if a short message after running the command would tell you what
ports were being opened (I know I could just look over the config file, but
to make things easier...).  Such as:

$ sudo ufw allow Apache-Full
Opening 80,443/tcp

This would give me some peace of mind to know it is opening the ports I
want, and also be convenient for services with unkown ports in case I would
need to open those ports on an external firewall appliance.

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