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Erik Lönroth erik.lonroth at
Mon Aug 18 15:42:49 UTC 2008

Just wanted to thank alot of people responding to me personally. Its
great to feel the support from the cummunity.

We are currently working on our business model and how to packet our
solutions in the form we want it to move to market. Its challenging and
every step is a milestone. I hope we can get there.

Canonical and the Ubuntu team are really doing a fantastic job, and we
will make sure to push the work we do ourselves upstreams once we head
to the techy part of the work.


On Tue, 2008-08-12 at 11:58 +0200, Erik Lönroth wrote:
> Hello Ubuntu Server List!
> Me and a team of linux and unix admins are about to start up a business.
> We intend to use Ubuntu for the server, desktop and workplace solutions
> we intend to provide on the market. The obvious choice !
> I'm interested in establish a contact with people that might be able to
> help us making Ubuntu based systems a commercial alternative.
> We are based in Sweden and are working on our business-plan at the
> moment. Our ambition is to start up in some 6-12 months.
> I have some questions that I hope to get help with from you
> professionals out there:
> (#) What is the best way to hook up to Canonical for a tight cooperation
> regarding support, contracting etc. ? We want to have a good
> relationship with the server and desktop teams and are 100% committed in
> giving back from what we do.
> (#) What experiences do you have regarding providing a commercial
> Ubuntu? Are there any problems we should be careful not to run into,
> pitfalls, legal or such?
> All help is greatly appreciated!
> Kind Regards
> /Erik Lönroth - Sweden
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