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Wed Aug 13 00:19:32 UTC 2008


Here are the minutes of the meeting. They can also be found online with        
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==== Remove multiuser options and updating init scripts ====

zul reminded that the multiuser option is no longer supported in Ubuntu.
james_w filed bugs[1] to keep track of the packages that need to be fixed.
They're pretty easy to fix, and any help will be appreciated. mathiaz
suggested to write up a blog post about it.

ACTION: james_w to write a blog post about removing multiuser options.


==== New eBox packages ====

foolano gave an update on the ebox packages: ebox-mail, ebox-mailfilter, ebox-
trafficshaping and ebox-webserver are good candidate to be included in
intrepid. These packages are available in the ebox-unstable PPA[2]. He asked
for sponsoring to get them in universe before FeatureFreeze. soren suggested
to check if the per-package upload ACL system could be used to grant foolano
upload privileges just of the ebox packages.

ACTION: foolano to send an email to the MC to get upload rights to the ebox


==== ISV's - VMware on Gutsy and Hardy ====

owh asked about the state of the vmware-server package available from
Canonical's partner archive. A version for hardy hasn't been released yet.
dendrobates stated that kernel abi changes are problematic and we are trying
to reduce them to make it easier.

==== Ubuntu VM builder ====

soren finally got it to build a Xen based image. He'll put out an e-mail when
it's ready for actual use. Developers are very welcome to pitch in. The "--
help" option is quite verbose and should be a good starting point. The code
can be found in the python-rewrite branch[3].


==== Migrate openldap configuration to cn=config ====

mathiaz uploaded version 2.4.11 to intrepid. The default configuration backend
has been switched to the cn=config tree. Migration from slapd.conf to
cn=config is being done during the upgrade.

==== Tomcat6 server stack support ====

Koon announced that tomcat6 had been uploaded to intrepid. It's currently
sitting in the NEW queue. Testing is welcome.

He's also working on reducing openjdk-6-jre-headless dependencies so that it
doesn't pull half of a desktop install in servers just to run tomcat6. He
filed bugs and attached debdiffs to it. He is waiting for sponsoring.

==== Boot Support for Degraded RAID ====

kirkland has been working on adding RAID support to grub-install. His patch is
waiting for sponsoring. He hopes it will make it for alpha4 scheduled to be
released on Thursday. If so mathiaz suggested that this new feature should be
documented in the Release Notes in order to get more testing.

The last item he's working on is adding a question during the installation on
whether the system should be set to boot from a degraded array (defaulting to
No, which matches the current behaviour).

ACTION: kirkland to document BootDegradedRaid in the release notes if it's
included in alpha4.

==== Agree on next meeting date and time ====

nealmcb aggreed to run the meeting next week as mathiaz and Koon won't be

Next meeting will be on Tuesday, August 19th at 15:00 UTC in #ubuntu-meeting.

Mathias Gug
Ubuntu Developer

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