Looking for users of redhat-cluster-suite on Ubuntu

Chris Joelly chris-m-lists at joelly.net
Thu Aug 14 12:43:33 UTC 2008


sorry for tuning in that late, but found your posting today.

we are setting up a 2 node cluster for use with Samba and Apache 
webserver and want to gather experiences of other Ubuntu server users 
using RHCS. 

As documentaion from Ubuntu is very limited and there also seems to be
no other users using Ubuntu server with RHCS, i decided to tune in and
maybe could provide some experiences if they are of help. By now we are
playing around but soon the server should go to a 'limited' production
scenario and grow with experience and clients over time...

You mentioned in your posting (Fri Jul 11) that there are white papers 
available covering Apache/NFS/Samba setups? Are these white papers
publically available? And is there other indepth information regaring 
Ubuntus RHCS packages available?



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