Ubuntu Server 7.10 Beta is looking for testers

Leonel Nunez leonel at enelserver.com
Fri Sep 28 10:32:45 UTC 2007

> Ante Karamatic' wrote:
>> After install dovecot fails to start. That's cause we ship misconfigured
>> dovecot.conf by default.
> Is this after a plain install of dovecot, or an install of the mail
> server through tasksel ?
>> Line 'protocols =' should be 'protocols = none' or removed. In case
>> protocols are none, dovecot won't start pop3 and imap daemons, and will
>> work only in auth mode.
>> If there is no 'protocols', dovecot will start imap and imaps services.
>> I vote for 'protocols = none'. Any thoughts?
> If the install was done through tasksel, I would expect everything to be
>  working by default, not have the user fiddle around conf file to start
> the thing.
> If the install is done through plain apt, it makes sense to have
> protocol = none.
> Nick

This happened to me too and I installed the mail server with tasksel


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