Server Team 2007-09-27 meeting minutes

Paul Schulz pschulz01 at
Wed Sep 26 07:35:48 UTC 2007

On 9/26/07, Scott Kitterman <ubuntu at> wrote:
> On Tuesday 25 September 2007 22:06, Dan Trevino wrote:
> > As part of the reporting project, I'd like to go through the minutes
> > and replace irc nicks with real names.  Although this is all public
> > information, I want to make sure nobody has any specific complaints
> > before I put full names on the ReportingPage in the wiki.
> >
> > For example, in the notes below 'dantalizing' would be replaced by
> > 'Dan Trevino', etc, etc.
> I, for one, would have no idea who you were talking about in many cases if you
> did that.  Perhaps you could have the IRC nick parenthetically after the
> first use of the name so we could translate.

or include a 'translation table' at the end.

Paul Schulz (aka. pschulz01)

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