New Server Tasks

Ante Karamatic' ivoks at
Thu Sep 20 12:26:47 UTC 2007

Scott Kitterman wrote:

> Clamav is hard to support for 6 months let alone 5 years (we are currently 
> working our 4th security update for clamav in Feisty).  Spamassassin doesn't 
> have the same kind of security update issues, but if not current quickly 
> loses it's effectiveness.  

'Impossible', not 'hard' :) We should provide means for AV scanners to
easily connect to our mail server. For example, someone would use Clam,
someone NOD32, someone sophos, etc... Updating of AV programs should be
left to AV companies since updates come on daily basis and very often
there's a engine upgrade.

So, instead of pushing (and even thinking about clamav), we should move
amavisd-new to main. It already auto detects available AV daemons and
makes connection to running AV daemon by default. It doesn't have bad
history of bugs and is already proven in enterprise setups.

Another great thing that we should get into main is postgrey - easier to
maintain than spamassassin and kills a lot of spam. In my
couple-of-years-experience with this tool, I had 0 problems.

Implementing postgrey and amavisd-new into postfix is trivial and brings
a lot of benefit.

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