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Nicolas Barcet nicolas.barcet at
Thu Sep 20 09:23:13 UTC 2007

Sorry if I restart a conversation that may have occured before I joined,
but looking at Soren's news tasks at a few questions came to my mind :

Short term :
a/ is there a good reason why spamd and clamd (or other similar tools)
are not part of the mail server task at this point ?
I can barely imagine someone running a mail server nowdays without some
kind of anti spam/anti virus nowdays...

b/ what is the reasoning behind including mutt and no webmail ?  I know
that 90% of our target users will never read their mail from the
console... Roundcube has been mentionned yesterday on IRC but I have
been running it for a little while and think it is a bit too young just
yet.  Would rather recommend squirelmail.

c/ for all data including tasks, could we detail a bit more what we are
planing to include as base config ?  I beleive that base config should
allow a total newbie to run the server without further configuration
other than account creation.  For example :
- do we plan to add some rbl checking to postfix by default ? 
- do we configure ntp by default ?
- do we run some hot in place backup procedure by default ?

Mid term :
a/ what would it take to prepare these tasks so that they could be
configured against an LDAP directory for account maintenance and
authentication on a conditional basis ?  This is particularly important
for samba, which, AFAIK, would otherwise maintain a separate password
than the other services

b/ what's our policy on manual configuration changes to tasks ? Do we
allow them and still pretend that we will be able to always do a
seemless upgrade later on ?

Again, sorry if I am restarting old discussion, but would definitely
appreciate if one could bring some light on this for me.


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