DocDay - Friday, September the 7th

Mathias Gug mathiaz at
Fri Sep 7 01:58:56 UTC 2007

Hi fellow ubuntu-server members,

Friday, September the 7th, has been declared a DocDay for the Ubuntu
Server community. What and how will we celebrate it ? By improving the
documentation on the website [1] about the Ubuntu Server team itself.

The KnowledgeBase wiki page [2] needs some love.  That's where we keep
useful ressources related to the different roles one can take to
contribute to the Ubuntu Server Team.

So if you have taken roles and find that some information is missing or
you'd like to get involved but your questions are not answered by the
website, let us know ! The IRC channel and the mailing list are opened
to you this coming Friday and the wiki pages are just waiting to be



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