Xen In Hardy

Chuck Short zulcss at gmail.com
Thu Oct 25 01:17:00 UTC 2007


In order to get Xen working really well for servers in the hardy
release. I wish to solicit opinions, in an effort to improve the spec
that I'm in the middle of writing:

1. Kernel side

Since 2.6.23 will have xen paravirt-ops (domU) we should use that
right? However, it does not have the full features that users will
want. No HVM console and no Windows XP guests. Its just basic basic
domU support. So thats not really an option in my opinion. In gutsy,
we decided to switch to opensuse dom0 kernel, however this caused more
problems than what it was worth. So Im using fedora as a base this
time. I have already started to port their kernel from 2.6.22->2.6.2x.

2. Xen hypervisor side

Recently, Xen-3.1.1 was released that contains various fixes for the
Xen-3.1. However the next version of (Xen-3.2) will be release in
November. This will (hopefully) include things like cpufreq support.
(This will also have to be ported from 2.6.18 to 2.6.24). In my
opinnon, we should be using Xen-3.2 for hardy. I would also like the
resync debian's patches with our own. So the tools will be in a better

3. Windows support

Users would like to use Xen to use windows with it (god only knows why ;)

4. Xen-tools

I would like to expand our simple base of tools that we use now
(xen-tools, xenman). I would like to use things like virt-man
(especially for the desktop, however its redhat only no debian images)
however I might not have time for that.

Comments and help during the hardy release cycle is greatly appreciated.


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