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Wed Oct 24 04:24:53 UTC 2007

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erm, first off what do you mean by "is so low national bandwidth with
8MB"?  I have personally downloaded Ubuntu install CDs over dialup, so
I know it's possible on some pretty poor connections.

Second, you are correct that the Ubuntu ShipIt program does not offer
the server CD.  You can however get one shipped to you from numerous
vendors, or even possible your LoCo if applicable.  See for a start.

Third, making a comparison to Microsoft at this point is both foolish
and irrelevant, so let's just ignore that bit and move on.

Nay Myo Win wrote:
> ok , as an IT admin, I am so crazy about Ubuntu  server with that
> services
> but as our country is so low  national bandwidth with 8MB only
> i can't download Ubuntu server from Internet.
> Whenever I requested ubuntu server on your website,
> I can't find to request page for server version,
> just only Desktop version  and everytime i request, I got destktop
> version.
> that is why I think Linux is always one step behind Microsoft in
> Userfriendliness.
> U see?
> wishing Ubuntu to see bettter than else
> with best regards,
> Nay Myo

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