ServerInstallationProfles - Let's make it easier!!!

Carsten Aulbert carsten at
Sun Oct 21 07:40:23 UTC 2007


Danson Michael Joseph wrote:
> Let's make ubuntu servers the best to run AND the easiest to use.  When 
> I put in my hardy server CD next year, let the base be installed, and 
> when I choose ntp server, samba file server and mail server, let those 
> modules of ebox be installed and configured. Thus my server installation 
> will entail the non-graphical CD installation, but there-after, all my 
> admin tasks can be done from ebox. 

I cannot fully support this idea since there are many people who use a
server install via serial connections only, i.e. without any X
installed. Plus I would really not like to have X installed on a server
since this would open extra security holes and at least IMHO a server
should be much more secured than a standard desktop system.

> Some may say but then we prevent those who would like to run command 
> line from doing so.  No, we don't.  Before the selection of services 
> that can be installed, a simple yes/no question can be asked as to 
> whether or not the user wants an ebox installation.  However, we must 
> consider ubuntu's broader users.  Yes, 10% will want to run command 
> line.  The corporates, schools, NGOs and other's will want to be ables 
> to click and go!

I guess this could be done simply by a meta package which might be part
of the standard "packages" to install (LAMP, NTP, ...)

> The other more important part to this is that it makes our commitment to 
> the development of ebox and it's module more concrete.  If we make it a 
> primary goal of the server team, then ebox will soar to greater heights!

I've never used ebox, but it seems already to depend on a lot which I
would not willingly have running on a server which is dedicated to
certain tasks, e.g. postgresql or apache on a mail server.

So I guess I see the need but I don't know if ebox would be the way to go.



PS: Since I don't know ebox what are the possiblities to safe/backup the
settings or move the settings to other computers/clone systems?

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