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Danson Michael Joseph danson.joseph at
Sun Oct 21 06:34:13 UTC 2007

Hi All,

Currently ubuntu is the best server to run, but the hardest to use for 
those who don't want to/can't spend time making sure they put a 
semi-colon at the end of a dhcpd.conf file (as an example).  However, 
the choice has been made to use ebox for its various benefits.  I have 
been using ebox recently to get a feel for how it works, after querying 
the webmin issue, and it seems to make things very easy.  Mandiva (and 
derivatives) use their very nice (yet slightly incomplete) draktool; 
SuSE has YaST and Redhat has the system-config-tools.  All of there far 
exceed Ubuntu's current offering.

Let's make ubuntu servers the best to run AND the easiest to use.  When 
I put in my hardy server CD next year, let the base be installed, and 
when I choose ntp server, samba file server and mail server, let those 
modules of ebox be installed and configured. Thus my server installation 
will entail the non-graphical CD installation, but there-after, all my 
admin tasks can be done from ebox. 

Some may say but then we prevent those who would like to run command 
line from doing so.  No, we don't.  Before the selection of services 
that can be installed, a simple yes/no question can be asked as to 
whether or not the user wants an ebox installation.  However, we must 
consider ubuntu's broader users.  Yes, 10% will want to run command 
line.  The corporates, schools, NGOs and other's will want to be ables 
to click and go!

The other more important part to this is that it makes our commitment to 
the development of ebox and it's module more concrete.  If we make it a 
primary goal of the server team, then ebox will soar to greater heights!

Ubuntu is great, let's make it better.

Danson Joseph

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