web gui for server administration

Bill Asher bill.asher at enaws.com
Mon Oct 8 18:53:32 UTC 2007

I used to build FreeBSD Firewall/VPN/Dialup PPTP servers, I haven't
tried it with Ubuntu but I'm sure you could get it done.

I used Racoon and MPD PPTP server, Racoon with IPSEC for site-to-site
VPNs and MPD for dialup VPN connections thru a VPN client or builtin
Windows PPTP client.  These were very very stable configurations once
setup correctly.  In fact I still have a few running that were installed
in 2003.

Good luck~

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Yes, IPCop is actually a branch of Smoothwall. I prefer IPCop because it
features an intrusion detection system, I also like the interface
better, and it seems to have a very active community. 

However, like other firewalls, it cannot be easily extended. I cannot
easily add a pptpd server to it, to make it act as a VPN gateway. The
only firewall distro that has that functionality is the freebsd based
m0n0wall, but for some reason it does not install on my hardware. 

On Mon, 2007-10-08 at 12:04 -0500, Bill Asher wrote:
> Not exactly what you are looking for, but have you looked into
> SmoothWall for firewall/vpn solutions?
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> Hello, 
> I am planning run an old computer as a router. I have been looking
> IPCop which is a custom Linux distribution built specifically for that
> purpose, but I need more flexibility and want to be able to extend the
> functionality of my router, which is quite difficult with these highly
> specialized distributions. 
> I would like to replace my IPCop router with an Ubuntu Command line
> system to which I can then add some additional functionality such as
> server, but the major hurdle is that Ubuntu does not provide an easy
> to administer the server. The only web based GUI that I am aware of is
> Landscape by Canonical, which however is not released under GNU.
> tool is Webmin, however I have heard it is not recommended. 
> Can you recommend a good web-based tool for administering an Ubuntu
> Server?
> Thanks,
> Hasan 

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