Server Team 2007-11-20 meeting minutes

Mathias Gug mathiaz at
Tue Nov 20 21:43:08 UTC 2007


Here are the minutes of the meeting. They can also be found online, with
the irc logs, here:

== Review ACTION points from previous meeting ==

zul wrote a wiki page detailing his plans for Xen in the next release: The blueprint can be tracked in
Launchpad at

soren sent an email to debian-devel about the mta meta-package proposal.
The thread turned into a discussion about which mta (postfix or exim)
should be the default.

ACTION: soren will try to send another email about it.

== sudo bug discussion ==

dendrobates raised the issue that some server installations wouldn't
create a user that has sudo powers. Some reviews ran into that bug. The
forums also have some threads about it. dendrobates and nijaba tried to
reproduce the problem, but were not successful.

There are a couple of bugs in LP:

dendrobates asked if people could do various test installs to check if
this bug can be reproduced. If so, please comment on one of the above

== Hardy community projects ==

dendrobates asked for help on the Ruby On Rails specification: The
scpecification is being written in the wiki:

lionel volunteered to take a look at it since he has some experience
with RoR. He will contact david to start working on the draft. mathiaz
stated that he could be the approver, but the spec needs to be written
and approved by Thursday to get it included in Hardy.

Anyone interested in improving the Ruby on Rails stack for Ubuntu should
comment on this spec.

ivoks, sommer and dantalizing offered some help for the implementation.

ACTION: lionel will contact david to write the ruby-on-rails spec.

== JeOS support/documentation for gutsy, plans for hardy ==

nealmcb started to talk about JeOS (Just Enough Operating System). A
long discussion followed. It seems that people are confused about what
JeOS can be used for.

The first issue identified was lack of documentation. nijaba stated that
he will write a tutorial about using JeOS to build a virtual appliance
providing a web application.

ACTION: nijaba will write a tutorial about JeOS.

An important source of confusion is the difference between the script
used to produce a customized virtual image (or iso) and the
customization made to Ubuntu to run as a guest.

nealmcb suggested to create a launchpad team and a mailing list for
users and developers of JeOS.

ACTION: mathiaz will answer nealmcb post on ubuntu-server.

== Review each section of the ServerTeam/Roadmap ==

ivoks gave an update about integrating postfix and dovecot: to goal is
to replace saslauthd with dovecot. This means adding 1 or 2 lines to
postfix configuration when dovecot is installed. There was some
discussion about how this should be done. mathiaz suggested to file a
bug against dovecot to track work being done on this.

sommer mentioned that the documentation has been updated to use Dovecot

ACTION: ivoks will file a bug about this and will start working on the
packaging bits.

mathiaz mentioned the state of fastcgi. He wanted to know what were the
advantage of mod-fcgid over mod-fastcgi. The next step is to write a MIR
for mod-fcgid to get it included into main.

ACTION: ivoks will write a MIR for mod-fcgid.

== Other business ==

dholbach mentioned the sponsoring queue for server packages:

soren pointed out the list of pending sru: There's a few
server packages on there that need testing before they can make their
way to -updates.

mathiaz also noted that the focus of the development team is currently
on merges.

== Next Meeting ==

mathiaz asked if another meeting was needed in one week (instead of
every other week). The answer was positive.

The time has also been pushed back by one hour (due to DST).

The next meeting will be hold on Tuesday, November the 27th, at 16:00
UTC in #ubuntu-meeting.


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