Shrinking consumed diskspace

Anders Häggström hagge.ubuntu at
Tue Jun 12 10:22:38 UTC 2007

2007/6/11, Christian Bjälevik <nafallo at>:
>  Hi Anders,
> tis 2007-05-29 klockan 12:00 +0200 skrev Anders Häggström:
> > 3. Maby I was using bad english. What I meant was the nVidia
> > graphicsdriver and those stuff that is only useful to Xorg but is a
> > dependecy for the generic-kernel because it is a kernel module.
> Not to start this discussion again, but I want to point out that if you
> get restricted stuff installed you are probably using the wrong linux
> metapackage. My clients are running generic fine without packages from
> restricted.
> Thanks, /N
> --

Thanks, but I solved my problerm by reinstalling the server from
debootstrap instead of the cd.
The metapackage I used when I installed the server was the standardone
the follows the server-cd. I don't remember I got a choise during the
installation process but I late found that ubuntu-minimal and
ubuntu-standard was installed by the cd.

// Anders

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