Server Team 2007-08-28 meeting minutes

Mathias Gug mathiaz at
Tue Aug 28 19:05:22 UTC 2007


Here are the minutes of the meeting. They can also be found online, with
the irc logs, here:

== Review ACTION points from previous meeting ==

=== Organise a doc day ===

The doc day wasn't organised.

ACTION: mathiaz will organize the doc day scheduled for Friday,
September the 7th.

=== Default page for the LAMP tasks ===

infinity said he would do it. jdstrand will follow up with him.

ACTION: jdstrand will file a bug for a default page for the LAMP tasks
and follow up with infinity.

=== Update factoids ===

The webmin factoid has been updated by mathiaz. nealmcb will have a look
at other topics that could be updated.

ACTION: nealmcb will add a task to the documentor section about updating
the factoids for server related questions.

== New tasks for tasksel ==

dendrobates asked if someone had an idea about another task that could
be added to tasksel. A file server task was discussed, that could
include samba and/or nfs. No consensus was reached.
If this task should be added to Gutsy, it has to be done quickly.

ACTION: jdstrand will send a email to the ml regarding the file server
ACTION: sommer will update the roadmap to add a section for the file
server task.

== Review the triagger section of the roadmap ==

The focus of the triagging effort is on php5 bugs.

== Review the test section of the roadmap ==

mathiaz asked if someone had some server hardware that could be used to
test the ubuntu-server isos for tribe-6. dendrobates suggested to send
an email to the mailing list and a post in the forum.
mathiaz asked how to handle the testing and reporting infrastructure. He
looked into smolt.

== Review the documentor section of the roadmap ==

sommer has updated the dovecot wiki pages on He looked
the list in the Cleanup Category, but there wasn't a lot of server
related pages. mathiaz suggested to start looking at the server guide
and review it for Gutsy.

dendrobates mentioned that he'll have to update the LDAP authentication

ACTION: sommer will look through the documentation to update php5
related pages and list them on the roadmap.

== Review the developer section of the roadmap ==

mathiaz gave a brief update on AppArmor: it's currently blocked on the
new kernel module. He also clarified that AppArmor will be included in
Gutsy, as it's already enabled. He is currently working on integrating
the latest version from upstream.

dendrobates and soren stated that ebox has been deferred and won't be
ready in time for Gutsy.

== Next meeting ==
The next meeting will be on Tuesday, September, 11th at 15:00 UTC in


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