Anyone using EVMS?

David Abrahams dave at
Thu Sep 21 15:42:09 UTC 2006

David Kempe <dave at> writes:

> I am considering using it for an unfinished task for a client. They have 
> 1RU servers with 4 750Gb drives in them for file storage. I am having 
> trouble with all the available tools, as the onboard hardware raid makes 
> that into a 2.3Tb volume and the bios can't boot that. So we are booting 
> off usb keys, but now fdisk and cfdisk and lots of other tools have this 
> 2TB limit. EVMS doesn't seem to suffer the same problems.
> I haven't had time to fix it up yet, so I will report back once I do.

Ever get anywhere with that project?

Dave Abrahams
Boost Consulting

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