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Fri Sep 8 16:00:42 UTC 2006

Michael Hipp escribió:
>> From: "Alejandro Sanchez Marín" <asmarin at>
>> Logical drive 0: Put here / and swap partition if you need it.
>> Logical drive 1: Use LVM to split RAID5 hardware into 3 partitions and
>> put here /var, /usr and /home partitions. About partition distribution....
>> /home = 300 users * quota space for each one
>> /var= 70% of raid5 - /home
>> /usr= 30% of raid5 - /home
>> Using LVM on your RAID5 you will say something like that (example from
>> linux RAID howto, dont see values like optimal for you....):
>> # df -h
>> Filesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
>> /dev/md0              942M  419M  475M  47% /
>> /dev/vg0/backup        40G  1.3M   39G   1% /backup
>> /dev/vg0/amdata       496M  237M  233M  51% /var/lib/amanda
>> /dev/vg0/mirror        62G   56G  2.9G  96% /mnt/mirror
>> /dev/vg0/webroot       97M  6.5M   85M   8% /var/www
>> /dev/vg0/local        2.0G  458M  1.4G  24% /usr/local
>> /dev/vg0/netswap      3.0G  2.1G 1019M  67% /mnt/netswap
> I noticed you're not using a separate /boot partition. Is this no longer considered best practice?
> Thanks,
> Michael
These example is not my actual configuration ;-D

Well, if you can put more security its a good option but if an attacker
WANTS to invade your system (not a script-kiddie...), a local exploit
and a kernel rootkit can be enough for destroy your defenses. For this
reason /boot on a single partition doesnt have add security.

But this sound grsecurity kernel patch...If you want a "ultraparanoid"
secure server, this is the way... :-P

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