LAMP Production Server - Dell 2850

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Fri Sep 8 14:17:49 UTC 2006

Thanks everyone for the encouragement, I feel safe that Ubuntu is the
distro I hoped it was in the production world.


I will be using it mainly for an internal application, single domain
running Apache2, MySQL5, PHP5.  This app will be a quoting system for
in-house sales department for about 300 users.  I could use some advice
on server deployment and setup.  I am in the early stages so I'd like to
gather as much info as I can without being a pest, but I've found most
admins are more than happy to help fellow admins out.


My first dev box is a Dell PowerEdge 2850 (it had W2k3 Enterprise on it,


            2 - 3.0 Ghz Xeon CPU

            2 Gb ECC DDR2 Memory

            6 - 73Gb SCSI HDs

            Controller Card Perc 4e/Di

                        Logical Drive 0: 2 - 73Gb Scsi RAID1 /dev/sda

                        Logical Drive 1: 4 - 73Gb Scsi RAID5 (the
controller wont allow me to choose RAID1, only 5 or 0) /dev/sdb


I installed Ubuntu LAMP install to /dev/sda just to see if all would
run, hardware compatibility,etc and it works great.  Now my question is
what would be the recommended partition and OS install.  OR should I
just re-direct MySQL DBs, /srv/www, logs to /dev/sdb


Thank you for helping in this project. I look to have 2 production
servers and 2 dev servers, slowly replacing the 14 W2k3 servers we have
now. Our owners are committed to open-source and so is my IT department
and we are replacing .Net programmers with PHP freaks!!






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We are planning on rolling out an internal web application to LAMP.  I'm
at the point of choosing a Linux distro that will be stable and growing
community.  I am fimilar with Linux and mostly FreeBSD in a production


I'm looking for encouragement to go with Ubuntu Server in our production
app because I really like the distro and its outlook.  Server admin, how
has your experience been, should we go with Ubuntu and has anyone
installed on Dell PowerEdge 2850s






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