Ubuntu a poor choice for servers

David Abrahams dave at boost-consulting.com
Mon Jul 10 12:46:08 UTC 2006

David Kempe <dave at solutionsfirst.com.au> writes:

> David Abrahams wrote:
>> One concern I have about softraid is that there's (AFAICT) no RAID
>> possible for the /boot partition.
> We use dapper and breezy on nearly all of our servers where we get
> the decision (thats 10s a week). Our base Xen dom0 server is
> software raid 1 /boot and software raid 1 LVM, with 2gb /root VG for
> the dom0. The rest of the raid 1 is for lvm to allocate to domU
> machines.

Ah, good thought; I want to virtualize, so I'd better leave some room
for more machines in the VG.

> It works fine. 

Good to hear.

> The installer is fiddly to get to that situation,

Yeah, that's part of the problem I've had.

> and in breezy there is a few strangenesses, but dapper seems fine
> with it all. We even adapted the dapper server cd to do all that
> automatically from a boot cd, and it works great. netinstall from
> 22mb iso with auto LVM and software RAID.  So saying it doesn't work
> is just plain crazy.  

Well, sorry to come along with crazy claims; I know how annoying that
can be.  And thanks for being helpful when you could have just been
annoyed.  So far I've had real trouble, but I'll try again and let you

> Anyway - that motherboard you have has got
> some issue. The onboard nvidia chipset is crap, mostly because the
> reverse engineered forcedeth drivers are seriously problematic. I
> have a few of those boards in servers, and have ended up with
> different network cards in them.

Could you give more details?  If I have to complain to the person who
sold me the hardware (knowing I'd be running linux on it), I want to
be able to justify myself.


Dave Abrahams
Boost Consulting

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