Ubuntu a poor choice for servers

David Kempe dave at solutionsfirst.com.au
Mon Jul 10 12:23:55 UTC 2006

David Abrahams wrote:
> One concern I have about softraid is that there's (AFAICT) no RAID
> possible for the /boot partition.

We use dapper and breezy on nearly all of our servers where we get the 
decision (thats 10s a week). Our base Xen dom0 server is software raid 1 
/boot and software raid 1 LVM, with 2gb /root VG for the dom0. The rest 
of the raid 1 is for lvm to allocate to domU machines. It works fine. 
The installer is fiddly to get to that situation, and in breezy there is 
a few strangenesses, but dapper seems fine with it all. We even adapted 
the dapper server cd to do all that automatically from a boot cd, and it 
works great. netinstall from 22mb iso with auto LVM and software RAID.
So saying it doesn't work is just plain crazy.
Anyway - that motherboard you have has got some issue. The onboard 
nvidia chipset is crap, mostly because the reverse engineered forcedeth 
drivers are seriously problematic. I have a few of those boards in 
servers, and have ended up with different network cards in them.

>> I wouldn't combine LVM with softRAID either, but well, that's just
>> my opinion.
> Why not?

lvm and software raid works fine here.


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