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Thu Feb 23 05:05:55 UTC 2006

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Joao Inacio wrote:
> On 2/22/06, Liam Proven <lproven at> wrote:
>> I don't know of anybody who is doing a simple dedicated LAMP server.
>> As this is one of the single most popular uses for Linux, this strikes
>> me as a priority! A good effort at this would, I suspect, be an
>> instant hit.
> Yes, i think that this would be the ideal place to start.
> next thing IMHO would be put an administration interface on top of it,
> and that's were it gets trickier...
> would existing projects work well for our packages? would they be
> modular enough to include our next "server package" (mail, file,
> print)?
> beeing this targeted at dapper +1 for obvious reasons, i would think
> that it's feasable to build something from scratch but of course that
> would be up to cannonical (in-house or bounty?)
> actually, even for dapper it wouldn't be any difficult just to create
> a meta-package that depends on apache2, perl, php and mysql:
> $ sudo apt-get install lamp-server
> To summarize, i just want to say that whatever the future plans for
> ubuntu server are, they will be good as long as something is done that
> guives the user a choice to install a "non-base" system.
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> João Inácio
> jcinacio at
Just wondering, If we have meta packages for  the most common types of
small servers, could the installation just ask the user to decide what
servers to install ?
Here is what I envision :

Select what services you would like to have installed :

[ ] Lamp setup _details_
[ ] Samba setup _details
_[ ] Mail server
[ ] ......

done reset

Basically just a setup similar to how fedora does it. This small
business/ home server installer could somewhat assume a higher level of
knowledge by users but should not ask for pointless work.

Also I would like to see a set of GUI tools that could be installed on a
workstation or laptop somewhere that would include the following (just
suggesting as an example) :

Easy way to manage multiple server or workstations remotely(clusterssh)
LDAP tool
LAMP configuration tool
And more...

The idea would be to have no actual GUI installed on the server and have
everything installed on the sysadmin server. The sysadmin could add the
servers hostname using a generic config tool and then everything else
could simply act as a front end to commands done over ssh (or cluster ssh).

Some of these tools have specs for dapper already. But having a meta
packages such as Ubuntu-server-tools that would install all of them
would be great. This should probably wait for dapper +1 I think.

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