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Ivan Krstic krstic at fas.harvard.edu
Sat Feb 11 07:19:24 UTC 2006

Noah Dain wrote:
> That and I don't see the point to yet-another-rcs, unless there are
> capablilities (planned or otherwise) within bzr that will outshine
> other rcs systems.

Given the spirit of easy collaboration that plays a crucial role in the
Ubuntu vision, a need arose for a powerful (D)VCS that could be used to
elegantly version something as complex as a Linux distribution. Nothing
of the sort existed at the time when bzr development began; this is
precisely why Linus, for instance, set out to write git. He wasn't
looking to write yet another VCS; it's simply that nothing else was
quite good enough.

Anyway, as far as ubuntu-server is concerned, I'd like to end this
discussion. Please refer specific questions about bzr to
bazaar-ng at lists.canonical.com.

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