Inconsistencies in packages

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Thu Feb 9 06:24:39 UTC 2006

Jim Tarvid wrote:

> Breezy desktop comes up with no enabled ports to the Internet. I believe
> that is the correct policy.

I'm talking about something else, not open ports after instalation of 

> However, server configuration is complex and many howtos have been
> published on the subject, some of them quite good.

Yes, it's complex and only professionals should do it.

> sets of packages would be appropriate. Choosing between postfix and exim
> or courier and imap have been the occasion for religious wars akin to
> choosing a distro.

I'm not saying postfix should be default on installation of 
ubuntu-server. I'm saying that if admin installs service X on allready 
running ubuntu-server, that serverice should start automaticly and 
listen only on localhost, or it shouldn't start at all (not even after 
reboot). Some programs, like dovecot, that provide couple of services 
(pop3, imap, pop3s and imaps) should (if starting automaticly) have sane 
defaults (in this case, only pop3).

> Some scripts are appearing which make certain classes of installations
> relatively easy. I use Wael's script for web-servers with
> pleasing results. I'd like to see more wizards for things like home
> gateways, small business backup/file server, for example. Maybe third
> party solutions are appropriate

I wouldn't like to see any wizards in ubuntu-server, but if we set 
things up like I think is correct, then there will be room for 
ubuntu-instant-server project which would create packages por people 
that aren't admins. These packages would be meta packages with good 
configurations for services that user wants.

> I don't have any wisdom about these matters but "server usability",
> "ease of first (early) use" and "security" are all important matters to
> discuss.

Server usability should look to make ubuntu-server usable to 
professionals, not desktop users (meaning no wizards, just sane 
defaults). ubuntu-instant-server project should create packages that 
would have usability for desktop users.

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