Inconsistencies in packages

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Thu Feb 9 06:11:54 UTC 2006

Filippo Spike Morelli wrote:

> Are you strictly talking about install time or upgrade one too? if latter is 
> included, I'd like too see a check about services already running or not: if 
> former is true restart the service, otherway dont. Or was this given?

That's a good idea. If service was allready running on upgrade, it 
should run after upgrade, but I think that's allready true.

What's blury is that admin can't relay on some general behevior of 
services after installing them. Postfix, altough it's not open relay, 
listens on all IP addresses, enabeling outsiders to connect on server's 
port 25 and abuse server. Same thing with apache. How radical would it 
be to make apache listen only on localhost after install?

Another option is not to start services after install. Maybe not even 
put them in /etc/rc?.d?

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