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Christian Bjälevik nafallo at magicalforest.se
Wed Feb 8 17:24:30 UTC 2006

ons 2006-02-08 klockan 13:14 +0100 skrev Ingo Lantschner:
> Hello, 
> I am looking for information on the following: 
> What are the differences between Ubuntu-Server and Ubuntu (Desktop)
> regarding: 
> - Kernel (having read in the archive, I would say for Breezy it's the
> same kernel, starting with dapper there will be diffrences - right?) 

> - Packageselection 

> - Time of support (I have read somewhare server will be supported for
> 5 years - right/wrong?) 
For dapper, this is indeed true.

> Also, I have heard rumors that Ubuntu does not offer SMP-Kernels - is
> that true? 
Yes, our usual kernels are SMP kernels with support for uniprocessor
systems aswell.

> Thanks in advance, Ingo. 

Cheers, /C
Christian Bjälevik <nafallo at ubuntu.com>
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