[Bug 1850672] Re: "precise esm -> trusty -> trusty new client" upgrade disables ESM

Andreas Hasenack andreas at canonical.com
Wed Oct 30 18:35:03 UTC 2019

** Description changed:

  When enabling ESM on precise, then upgrading that to current trusty, and from there to the proposed new trusty client (see #1832757), ESM gets disabled.
  This was found when executing test case (5) in the original SRU bug
  The reason is that d/postinst, when dealing with this upgrade path, was
  conditioning a file rename on the package upgrade coming from version 1,
  which is the precise one. The fix is to drop that conditional, since the
  filename we intend to rename is the precise one (it has "precise" in its
  name) and there is no need to check for the version.
  [Test Case]
-  * detailed instructions how to reproduce the bug
+ lxc launch ubuntu-daily:precise p1
+ lxc exec p1 ubuntu-advantage enable-esm $USER:$PASS
+ lxc exec p1 do-release-upgrade
+ lxc exec p1 -- bash -c "echo deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu trusty-proposed main > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/trusty-proposed.list"
+ lxc exec p1 apt-get update
+ lxc exec p1  -- apt-get install -y ubuntu-advantage-tools
+ lxc exec p1 apt-get update
+ lxc exec p1 apt-cache policy|grep esm
+ # try to download a trusty esm package, it should work
+ lxc exec p1 -- apt-get install -d python-jinja2
-  * these should allow someone who is not familiar with the affected
-    package to reproduce the bug and verify that the updated package fixes
-    the problem.
  [Regression Potential]
+ Before we were pinning this upgrade path on having come from the exact precise package version, which is "1". Now we are dropping that requirement, and only checking if the precise esm sources.list file exists, then we rename it to the trusty name:
-  * discussion of how regressions are most likely to manifest as a result
- of this change.
+ ubuntu-esm-precise.list -> ubuntu-esm-infra-trusty.list
-  * It is assumed that any SRU candidate patch is well-tested before
-    upload and has a low overall risk of regression, but it's important
-    to make the effort to think about what ''could'' happen in the
-    event of a regression.
-  * This both shows the SRU team that the risks have been considered,
-    and provides guidance to testers in regression-testing the SRU.
+ do-release-upgrade will have renamed "precise" to "trusty" inside
+ ubuntu-esm-precise.list. If someone is doing the upgrade manually via
+ dist-upgrade, for example, then this person is expected to rename the
+ precise repositories to trusty ones in all of /etc/apt/sources.list*
  [Other Info]
-  * Anything else you think is useful to include
-  * Anticipate questions from users, SRU, +1 maintenance, security teams and the Technical Board
-  * and address these questions in advance
+ As with the $1832757 SRU, this is being published only on trusty.

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  "precise esm -> trusty -> trusty new client" upgrade disables ESM

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