[Bug 227881] Re: tftpd-hpa does not use /etc/default/tftp-hpa options

jtk jtk at cymru.com
Mon Feb 8 16:46:44 GMT 2010

When I install tftp-hpa in karmic (9.10) installs openbsd-inetd.  Both
the startup scripts for these two packages are installed in
/etc/init.d/.  However, by default tftp-hpa is set to not run by default
with the RUN_DAEMON=yes set while openbsd-inetd starts up tftpd anyway,
because of its default /etc/inetd.conf.  I like the tftp-hpa default
behavior best.  If for some reason openbsd-inetd is needed, then, I'd
prefer inetd.conf disable in.tftpd by default.

tftpd-hpa does not use /etc/default/tftp-hpa options
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