[Bug 28380] Re: Autofs fails to update /net with new shares from server

Jesper Krogh jesper at krogh.cc
Mon Feb 8 16:40:17 GMT 2010

It is really dissapointing .. but there has been posted an awfull lot of
"automated" crap in this bug, by people who either:

* Didnt read the initial bug or
* Did try out the steps to reproduce

Even though it can be done on any installation, just going ahead using
the five points above.

The problem is (AFAIK) reproducible on any version of Ubuntu going from,
dapper and up til today, since you still ship autofs4 and not autofs5 as

Autofs5 has been released for two years by now.

Sensible answers to this bug would have been stuff like:
* We dont care about autofs, even though we ship it in main
* We cannot reproduce the bug using above steps. (No-one has even claimed that they have tried so far). 
.. and a lot of other constructive feedback. 

.. I just tried on Karmic and the problem is still there, allthough it
might have been slightly better, since the problem is only occouring if
someone actively uses the mountpoint.

.. once again (karmic test).

$ sudo apt-get install nfs-kernel-server autofs
$ edit /etc/auto.master and enable /net
$ sudo /etc/init.d/autofs restart
$ mkdir /tmp/test1 /tmp/test2
$ edit /etc/exports and insert "/tmp/test1 *(ro,no_subtree_check)"
$ sudo exportfs -a 
$ showmount -e localhost
Export list for localhost:
/tmp/test1 *
$ cd /net/localhost/tmp; ls 
$ edit /etc/exports and insert "/tmp/test2 *(ro,no_subtree_check)"
$ sudo exportfs -a 
$ sudo /etc/init.d/autofs reload 
Reloading automounter: checking for changes ... 
Reloading automounter map for: /net
$ ls 
$ # Here we should have seen test2 .. 
$ ls /net/localhost/tmp/
$ # Here it should have been again. 

The fix is to ship autofs5 .. not 4..

4 years, 10 semi-auto generated messages from people systems.. and the
fix is even posted in the comments and still no actions.


Autofs fails to update /net with new shares from server
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