[Bug 264943] Re: gvfsd-smb crashed with SIGSEGV in strlen()

rossjenkins rossawjenkins at gmail.com
Fri Jan 9 19:36:18 GMT 2009


I installed your packages with the patches for Debian in Ubuntu 8.10
using the Synaptic front end for apt without any problems. I did not
change my smb.conf file. The following tests to my IOmega 500 GB Home
Network Harddrive (NAS) worked without any problems.

1. Created a test file "test.txt" and using smbclient  via a terminal
"put" the file into the /public folder of the NAS.

2. Using smbclient, used the "get" command to retrieve "test.txt" and
rename it and put it on my desktop as "testret.txt".

3. Using Nautilus under the Gnome desktop opened (mounted) the /public
folder on the NAS and dragged the "test.txt" file into it.

4. Deleted the "test.txt" file from the NAS via the Nautilus window.

5. Copied a 700.1 MB avi file from the /public folder of the NAS to the
Gnome desktop via Nautilus "drag & drop".

All these tests worked OK. I will keep your Samba version for a couple
of days to give it some more of a workout, but so far it seems to work
the same as the one in Thierry's latest ppa for Ubuntu.

gvfsd-smb crashed with SIGSEGV in strlen()
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